Chong Wei ignores knee pain to win All England opener

Mar 8, 2017

Lee Chong Wei overrode his pained left knee to play his favorite badminton tournament one last time as he opened the All England Open with a quick win over a tricky opponent on Wednesday

China's new female badminton wonders have big shoes to fill

Mar 8, 2017

China's best female badminton players are struggling to fill the void left by a series of retirements after the Rio de Janeiro Olympics

Badminton No 1 defies medics to enter last All England Open

Mar 7, 2017

Lee Chong Wei feared his career was over in a freak accident which tore his knee ligament during badminton practice last month

Badminton great Lin Dan still has unfinished business

Mar 6, 2017

Badminton great Lin Dan still has unfinished business as he chases 7th All England Open title

Danish badminton great Kops dies at age 80

Feb 18, 2017

Erland Kops, a Danish badminton great who won the All England tournament seven times in singles and four times in doubles, has died

India welcomes back Sindhu after rare medal in Rio

Aug 22, 2016

P.V. Sindhu, the 21-year-old badminton player who won one of India's two medals at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, has returned to her hometown in southern India to cheering crowds

Brazil wins gold in soccer; US grabs more track medals

Aug 21, 2016

Brazil won the medal it wanted the most Saturday, claiming its first Olympic gold in soccer and providing a lift to a beleaguered nation in the process

China's Chen wins badminton gold; Malaysia's Lee 3rd silver

Aug 20, 2016

China's Chen Long has won gold in men's badminton, handing Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei his third straight Olympic silver medal and signaling Chen's place as the game's new power

Spain's Marin wins badminton gold over India's Sindhu

Aug 19, 2016

Carolina Marin of Spain beats P.V. Sindhu of India to take gold in women's singles badminton, a victory that signals a clear end to China's previous lock on Olympic badminton power

US badminton players work to reverse the "backyard curse"

Aug 19, 2016

Badminton superfans hate the widespread American notion that the sport is a backyard lark, but most Americans can't see past their leisurely encounters with the game at barbeques

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