Sep 15, 2021

Albuquerque Tree Experts Says Customers Can Call at Any Time of the Night to Request Emergency Tree Service

September 16, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Albuquerque, New Mexico – A company that boasts the fastest response to emergency tree service Albuquerque requests, Albuquerque Tree Experts has announced that both commercial and residential property owners can call to request emergency tree services at any time of the day or night. The company notes that it will always have someone in the office monitoring its phone lines 7 days a week, 24 hours every day. The CEO noted that this will help eliminate the possibility of trees falling and causing extreme damage to commercial and residential properties in Albuquerque and neighborhoods like Sandia Heights, Corrales, Valencia, Rio Rancho, and Carnuel. “For the past 25 years,” said the company’s CEO, “we have learned a lot about unexpected tree problems. For example, when the rain starts at 7 pm, all your trees may be perfectly healthy and stable. Unfortunately, a lightning strike might burn through one of your trees, leaving it relying on other trees for stability. Unless the emergency tree removal is handled that same night, the following morning you may be looking at property damage worth thousands of dollars.” Albuquerque Tree Experts notes that it is not just tree emergencies that will be getting immediate attention. While the company won’t be handling normal tree services at night, its team of tree cutting professionals Albuquerque will be offering same-day service. As long as the homeowner requests the tree service early enough, the company reports that it will be willing to offer the tree service before the end of the day. With more than 2.5 decades of tree service experience, Albuquerque Tree Experts boasts the ability to help customers with all tree-related issues. Using its tree trimming team Albuquerque, the company notes it can improve the appearance of trees, boosting the overall value of different properties. The best tree removal company Albuquerque, Albuquerque Tree Experts helps homeowners remove dead trees, damaged trees, and trees standing in the way of the projects. The company has established a name for itself through handling complicated tree pruning and stump removal procedures on both commercial and residential properties. The company boasts advanced tree maintenance gear which allows its team to make complicated procedures look easy. Albuquerque Tree Experts offices are located at 6001 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States. To talk to the company, however, call +1 505-594-4798 or send an email to ###For more information about Albuquerque Tree Experts, contact the company here:Albuquerque Tree ExpertsBrylee Dianna505-594-4798sales@treeservicealbuquerque.net6001 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM87110ReleaseID: 60046216

Sep 15, 2021

Ryan Besinque Contested Divorce Lawyer in New York, Receives Positive Reviews from Another Client

September 16, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - New York - Divorce can be one of the most difficult periods of a person's life. Emotions can run high, and it is easy to get enraged. There may also be long-standing marital issues that have led to the divorce. During divorce proceedings, divorcing spouses are required to make crucial decisions that will impact them and their families for many decades. A contested divorce lawyer must have extraordinary skills and finesse to help newly separated people understand the dissolution of their marriage and child custody. They need to be able to find the right balance between achieving the client's economic and psychological goals and using cooperative methods to reduce animosity. Ryan Besinque Esq. is an NYC contested divorce lawyer who knows how to read the temperature between former spouses in order to create a winning strategy. He has worked with hundreds of clients throughout New York over the years and recognizes the marital dynamics of divorcing couples and their separation. He listens carefully to his clients in order to fully understand their concerns and then considers them within the contexts of divorce law. "Even though I often start by looking at a more participative strategy for the issue, it is not always possible to collaborate in all cases. It will not be possible to divorce if there has been no cooperation between the couple. We need to look at ways to make sure that both the client's financial and psychological needs are met. Sometimes that means I have to disclose sensitive information about their limitations under the statute. However, we deal with these matters in the most comfortable ways possible," stated Mr. Besinque. He has seen the devastating financial and emotional effects that divorce can have on a family over the years of his practice. He tailors his approach to every divorcing couple. He assists them through the difficult process while maintaining their dignity. This approach may require the support and assistance of other experts, such as psychologists, financial and children's specialists, in order to fully assist the family. In addition to his extensive knowledge of domestic violence, Mr. Besinque is also well-versed in divorce and family issues. His ability to connect with his clients and Mr. Besinque’s intense dedication to couples going through divorce proceedings have earned him outstanding reviews. People are grateful for his unassuming and considerate style and legal guidance. Elisa Donnelly from New York says, "Ryan and his team have been really helpful with my spousal support case. I really didn’t think I'd get what I deserved. I was really ready to accept my loss but Ryan persisted and helped me win my case. I appreciate his staff being so polite and helpful. I really felt like the entire team was with me and truly cared about my well-being." Mr. Besinque believes that no matter what the current difficulties are, clients can overcome them with the help of an experienced New York contested divorce lawyer. He is committed to helping clients feel valued and acknowledged. This allows them to feel confident that their best interests will be served and can look forward to the next chapter. Mr. Besinque is available to serve individuals in Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs, New York City. Learn more about him and his practice at ###For more information about The Law Office of Ryan Besinque | Divorce Attorney and Family Law Firm, contact the company here:The Law Office of Ryan Besinque | Divorce Attorney and Family Law FirmRyan Besinque+19292514477ryan@besinquelaw.com115 W 25th St 4th floor, New York, NY 10001, United StatesReleaseID: 60046203

Sep 15, 2021

Nashville Tree Experts Lauded for Having a Tree Service Team with the Right Professional Training

September 16, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Nashville, Tennessee – A company that has been pushing up the bar for professional tree service, Nashville Tree Experts has been appreciated by a recent customer for having tree service training. The property owner – Spencer Schick – reported that he was extremely impressed with the fact that the company’s CEO is a genuine arborist. Speaking after working with Nashville Tree Experts, Spencer had the following to say, “The owner is a genuine arborist, not just some guy with a tree trimming service. If you want professional service from someone who actually knows their business, call Nashville Tree Experts.” “Trees are living things,” said the company’s CEO, “and just like there is a doctor for us human beings and a veterinary for our animals, trees have an arborist. An arborist knows everything there is to know about tree health. When an arborist inspects a diseased tree, he can recommend the best treatments. When working on tree pruning, an arborist can use his knowledge to identify the right branches to remove so that the tree can be healthier and safer for the surrounding. This is why all our projects are managed by a certified arborist.” Nashville Tree Experts has been handling tree care procedures for more than 25 years. Although the company has its base of operation in Nashville city, the company is known for going outside the city’s boundaries to handle tree care procedures in neighborhoods like Murfreesboro, Green Hills, Nolensville, Bellevue, and Hendersonville. Working on both commercial and residential properties, Nashville Tree Experts has teams that handle all types of tree maintenance procedures. Using its tree trimming team Nashville, the company can improve the shape and appearance of different types of trees, which results in homes and commercial properties with a higher market value. The best tree removal company Nashville, Nashville Tree Experts has made a name for itself by removing large complicated trees together with their tree stumps. “We also offer emergency tree service Nashville,” said the company’s CEO. “When it comes to emergencies, we work on a 24/7 basis. In the past, we have removed trees in the middle of the night, to help homeowners avoid spending their money on expensive property repairs. Arriving at the emergency site less than an hour after the service is requested, we ensure maximum safety for property owners in Nashville.” Nashville Tree Experts offices are located at 100 Powell Pl, Nashville, TN 37204, United States. The easiest way to reach the company’s offices is to call +1 615-845-5214 or send an email to ###For more information about Nashville Tree Experts, contact the company here:Nashville Tree ExpertsKyra Alicia615-845-5214sales@treepronashville.com100 Powell PlNashville, TN 37204ReleaseID: 60046218

Sep 15, 2021

Tangent Solutions Renders New Relationship with Bliss Drive

September 16, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Tangent Solutions, a mobile 3D scanning, design, and engineering service based out of Irvine, CA has announced a new partnership with Bliss Drive, a search engine optimization agency with offices in Los Angeles and Irvine, CA. With this new partnership, Bliss Drive is seeking to improve the online presence and reach of Tangent Solutions’s range of design, scanning, rendering and engineering services. Tangent Solutions specializes in mobile 3D Laser Scanning. According to their 3D Scanning Services page, “The 3D scanning process uses a blue light laser scanner to transform real-world objects into a digital rendering by laser triangulation. As the 3D laser scanner is passed over multiple targets, it generates a raw data point cloud between the targets. A clean and quick process, there is no mess, no spray, no taping, and our 3D laser scanner can perform nearly infinite scan sizes. Whatever the object size, our high-precision scanners are powerful enough to transform the details of physical objects into digital representation—even large objects like entire buildings!” This scanning process then allows companies to use the data and computer-generated visualization for “inspection reports, verifying fitment, modeling, 3D printing, or reverse-engineering purposes.” Tangent Solutions also provides CAD Design, Model Rendering and 3D Printing Services. CAD Design services can be used to create entirely new projects or modify existing ones. Model Rendering services provide fully functional 3D models that can be edited and used in CAD. Lastly, 3D Printing services give clients the ability to hold a physical model of their design within hours of scanning. Tangent Solutions proudly serves companies in a wide range of industries including, but not limited to: Aerospace, Advertising, Automotive Interiors, Amphibious Devices, Architecture, Automotive Wraps, Construction, Consumer Products, Digital Assets, Ecommerce, Injection Molding, Motorsports, Manufacturing, Plastic Modeling. Being a mobile scanning solution, the team at Tangent Solutions is proud to serve the Orange County, CA area and beyond, including much of Southern California. To contact the Tangent Solutions team, interested readers can reach them during business hours (Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm) by telephone at (949) 345-0611, or after hours by email at or through the Contact Us page on their website, Tangent Solutions is located at 2091 Business Center Dr. #110 Irvine, CA 92612. To learn more about the digital marketing agency, Bliss Drive, that is working with Tangent Solutions to bolster their online lead generation efforts, readers can click here for more information. ###For more information about Tangent Solutions, contact the company here:Tangent SolutionsAndrea Kepler and Sean Kepler(949) 345-0611contact@usetangent.com2091 Business Center Dr #110, Irvine, CA 92612ReleaseID: 60046204

Sep 15, 2021

Franklin Tree Service Experts Handles Tree Trimming for a Large Oak That Had Been Ignored for Over 4 Years

September 16, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Franklin, Tennessee – After ignoring his oak tree for more than 4 years, Byron Gold finally decided to hire a team of professionals to put the tree back in shape. After talking to his neighbors, Byron realized that over 97% of those who had trimmed their trees recently had used Franklin Tree Service Experts. This made him choose the tree service company over other competitors he had found online. Byron did not regret his decision to work with Franklin Tree Service Experts. Speaking after the tree trimming project, Byron had the following to say, “Franklin Tree Service Experts did a great job on my large oak tree! My tree had not been trimmed in over 4 years and they cleaned it up while still keeping the perfect amount of shade & integrity to the tree.” “Our tree trimming team Franklin has been handling tree maintenance procedures for more than 25 years,” said the company’s CEO. “The team has enough experience to handle the most complicated tree trimming procedures. This experience, combined with our advanced tree maintenance machines, gave us the ability to shape Byron’s tree without compromising shade or tree integrity. We are happy to see that Byron was happy with the results our team produced.” Franklin Tree Service Experts handles more than just tree trimming. Its team of tree cutting professionals Franklin also handles tree service removal Franklin, tree pruning, stump removal, and emergency tree service Franklin. By offering maximum benefits with tree removal, Franklin Tree Service Experts has earned itself the title of the best tree removal company Franklin. Its tree removal team stands out in the minds of customers for its ability to safely remove large and risky trees without causing damage to the surrounding utilities. “While trees do have their benefits,.” said the company’s CEO while discussing the importance of investing in professional tree removal, “it reaches a point where the tree becomes more of a liability than a beneficial plant. For example, if a tree is standing in a space you intend to use for your new swimming pool, removing the tree allows you to increase your property’s value. Also, if you have a tree that is leaning dangerously over your house, getting rid of the tree before it falls helps you avoid spending a lot of money on property repairs.” Franklin Tree Service Experts offices are located at 130 Seaboard Ln, Franklin, TN 37067, United States. However, one can communicate with the company while relaxing at home by calling +1 615-808-8224 or sending an email to ###For more information about Franklin Tree Service Experts, contact the company here:Franklin Tree Service ExpertsMariam Sabrina615-808-8224sales@treepronashville.com130 Seaboard LnFranklin, TN37067ReleaseID: 60046219

Sep 15, 2021

Jason Bassett, New York Criminal Defense Lawyer, Gets One More Great Review

September 16, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Long Island, NY-- Being charged with a crime in New York can have serious consequences. Few people know this better than New York criminal defense lawyer Jason Bassett. The effects of being convicted of a crime can be severe and can often even alter the trajectory of a person's whole life. Mr. Bassett believes that nobody ought to face the criminal justice system alone and without the benefit of a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer. As a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Bassett knows that the quality of criminal defense that an individual gets if they are charged with a crime can make a big difference. Whether the charges get dismissed, downgraded, a plea deal is presented, or if they wind up in jail or prison and for what the length of time, can often depend on the work of their defense attorney. Whether an individual has actually been charged with break-in, assault, homicide, domestic violence, and even a DWI or DUI, a criminal charge and conviction can haunt them for years to come. This is why it is vital to have the representation of someone with the knowledge, experience, and perseverance to fight for the defendant's rights. "While criminal penalties and prison time are hard enough, the way criminal convictions and charges impact the rest of that defendant's life can be equally devastating," said Mr. Bassett. "An accused can be punished and serve their time, and yet for the rest of their life, there is a reminder that they are still thought of a criminal in society's eyes. A criminal charge can affect a person's future employment, academic options, professional licenses and accreditations, and involvement in particular federal government programs. Each time that individual obtains a job, the potential company will take a look at them in a different way. A well-crafted criminal defense is crucial to protect my customers not only from the criminal punishment itself but likewise these other long-lasting collateral repercussions." As a former district attorney, Mr. Bassett has seen the other side of the criminal justice system and the way many suspects feel they lack power within the system. He has turned his sights to criminal defense in order to level the playing field and safeguard the rights of those who may have been charged at both the state and federal levels. Both clients and other attorneys continue to offer favorable reviews and testimonials when it comes to their work together. Block Sullivan from New York states: "Working with Mr. Bassett was a great experience. If you're seeking a criminal defense attorney that is dedicated, smart, genuine, and caring then look no further. Atty. Jason was extremely transparent the entire time. He was responsive to my inquiries and was patient with me. He was understanding of my situation and didn't judge me. He is a really great person hands down." In our legal justice system, a defendant has important rights under the law, and it is the criminal defense lawyer's job to maintain those rights. With more than twenty-one years in the criminal justice system, Mr. Bassett has devoted his practice to protecting the rights of his clients in and out of the courtroom. Find out more about him at ###For more information about Bassett Law Offices | DWI Lawyer Suffolk County, contact the company here:Bassett Law Offices | DWI Lawyer Suffolk CountyJason Bassett(631) 614-4656bassettlaw@live.com3051 Jericho Turnpike East Northport, NY 11731ReleaseID: 60046206

Sep 15, 2021

Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts Celebrates a 99% Client Return Rate

September 16, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Santa Cruz, California – A company that outdoes itself to satisfy its clients, Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts has revealed that all its efforts always get maximum results. In a recent press interview, the company’s CEO reported that 99 clients of every 100 clients the company serves always come back for more tree care procedures. This number is bigger than any of the customer return rates celebrated by other tree service providers in Santa Cruz and neighborhoods like Interlaken, Rio del Mar, Soquel, Boulder Creek, Felton, Aptos, Watsonville, Capitola, and Scotts Valley. “I am not going to lie saying that it has been easy to get 99% of our clients to keep coming back for more services,” said the company’s CEO. “This level of success takes hard work. It takes putting more effort than the clients expect and then charging a very affordable price for all tree care procedures.” Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts CEO noted that these results start with its team of tree cutting professionals Santa Cruz. He noted that the team is very passionate about tree care, something that has always allowed the company to be open to challenging procedures. “While another tree trimming team Santa Cruz may decide to not handle a procedure just because the tree is standing between utilities,” said the company’s CEO. “Our team takes this complicated procedure as an opportunity to show off our expertise. Using our modern machines that range from bucket trucks to tools that help us slowly bring down the cut branches without harming the utilities, we can complete procedures like these without harming our clients' properties.” The CEO noted that the company has managed to hold on to the title of the best tree removal company Santa Cruz by bringing down trees over 200 feet tall without breaking a sweat or causing harm to houses or powerlines nearby. “And that is not all that we do,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “We work on a 24/7 basis to ensure that our customers do not have damaged trees leaning dangerously over their houses and threatening to fall. Over the years, we have handled emergency tree service Santa Cruz in the middle of the night. And we always do this at very affordable prices.” Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts base of operation is located at 1005 Cedar St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, United States. One can, however, communicate with the company by simply calling +1 831-204-0921 or sending an email to ###For more information about Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts, contact the company here:Santa Cruz Tree Service ExpertsDianna Leslia831-204-0921sales@orangecountytreeexperts.com11761 Stuart Dr, Garden Grove, CA 92843ReleaseID: 60046220

Sep 15, 2021

Local Marketing & Recruitment Consultant Launches New Marketing Tool

September 16, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Virginia Beach, VA based Proactive Search Partners recently launched ProactiveCRM, an all-in-one sales and marketing tool that provides businesses a user-friendly dashboard that enables them to see all traffic, leads and conversions in their business. This includes recording, text to call back, email, SMS and even Facebook Messenger. More information about ProactiveCRM can be found at ProactiveCRM is the first-ever all-in-one sales and marketing platform that gives business owners the tools, support and resources they need to succeed in their business. It is designed to capture new leads, nurture leads into customers and close more deals. One of the best features that the platform offers business owners is its ability to create beautiful, high-converting landing pages with the help of ProactiveCRM’s drag-and-drop builder. Landing pages are very important to any business because they literally serve as its face. With ProactiveCRM, users can create beautiful landing pages in a matter of hours or get started with a premade template in seconds. Companies can also build and publish any type of forms in minutes. ProactiveCRM enables users to select fields, configure options and easily embed forms using the platform’s built-in tools. They can also take advantage of the platform’s online scheduling system to set and manage appointments as well as create mini-campaigns for no-show appointments. James Pemberton, CEO & Founder of Proactive Search Partners, explains that ProactiveCRM enables business owners to easily customize and automate their follow up campaigns while also creating multi-channel campaigns. They can automatically push phone calls, drop voicemails or send pre-recorded messages to their customers. ProactiveCRM has also never been more accessible because it is now available on desktop and mobile, thereby increasing the speed of conversation. Thousands of businesses who utilize ProactiveCRM enjoy a powerful tool that manages their company workflow and pipelines. They can easily see their business operations through the platform’s user-friendly dashboard, track statistics such as appointment rates, monitor campaign effectiveness and check response rates. ProactiveCRM also helps in turning existing customers into repeat customers by making it easy for them to shop again and again. The team behind ProactiveCRM also works hard to provide 24/7 support to their customers. They are composed of digital marketing experts and software engineers who are dedicated to deliver proactive and real-time technical support to ProactiveCRM users. They are always on standby to answer any questions and solve any issues that may be encountered. Pemberton encourages local businesses to switch to a modern CRM system like ProactiveCRM to streamline and improve their daily operations. ProactiveCRM is designed to store all customer information in one place, record all transactions, identify sales opportunities, manage campaigns, and more. Businesses who want to retain old customers and convert leads into new customers can benefit from ProactiveCRM. User testimonials showcase how effective ProactiveCRM is. Rachel Robertson, in a testimonial featured on ProactiveCRM’s website, says, “This platform enables marketers to engage with their audience in creative and exciting ways. When we first launched our studio, I had no idea of how to market online. Our account rep walked side by side with us. The level of service and support that we receive to this day is unparalleled." Scott Phillips, in another featured testimonial, says, “We would be a shell of the business it is today without these guys. With an email list hundreds of thousands strong, a powerful and dependable email client is essential for us to run our business. They have robust behind-the-scenes automations, reliable customer service and deliverability that is second to none. 10/10 would recommend.” ProactiveCRM is designed to help companies focus on their relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and more. With the help of ProactiveCRM, it is easier to find new customers, build brand confidence, provide excellent customer support and offer additional services that will help retain loyal customers and attract new ones. Furthermore, ProactiveCRM is suitable for businesses of any size. Customers who want to give ProactiveCRM a try can test it out here. Complete details about ProactiveCRM can also be viewed on their website. Alternatively, business owners may connect with James Pemberton on social media to stay up to date with the latest updates about ProactiveCRM and Proactive Search Partners. ###For more information about Proactive Search Partners, contact the company here:Proactive Search PartnersJames Pemberton757-500-5642james@proactivesearchpartners.com1436 Lake Christopher DriveVirginia Beach, VA 23464ReleaseID: 60045947

Sep 15, 2021

Syracuse Tree Service Experts Appreciated for Offering Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services at a Reasonable Price

September 16, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Syracuse, New York – When Maria Zapata decided to open up her property, she invited an expert to help her with the entire process. After inspecting her entire landscape, the landscaping expert realized that Zapata could make her property look attractive and more valuable with just two maintenance procedures – tree removal and tree trimming. Tree removal would help Maria get rid of some dead trees while tree trimming would improve the overall shape of her trees, boosting the property’s value. After working with Syracuse Tree Service Experts, Zapata had the following to say, “Syracuse Tree Service Experts is the best tree removal and trimming company! They helped us to clean up my front yard trees. Their pricing was reasonable.” “Our tree trimming team Syracuse has more than 30 years of tree service experience while our tree service removal Syracuse team knows how to bring down trees without harming the nearby utilities,” said the company’s CEO. “When Zapata called our offices, she thought that we would have to spend days on her home and charge her an extremely high price. She was surprised to learn that our price for her tree trimming and tree removal project would be much lower – this prompted her to hire our team of tree cutting professionals Syracuse immediately. We completed the entire project in one day and carried the waste to the dumpsite. From Zapata’s comment and 5-star review on Google Reviews, it is clear that she was satisfied with our services.” While Syracuse Tree Service Experts opened its base of operation in Syracuse last year, the team running this base has been transforming commercial and residential properties in this city and neighborhoods like Liverpool, Fayetteville, Minoa, and Westvale for more than 2.5 decades. In addition to helping homeowners in this region with trimming and removal of damaged trees, the team helps with tree pruning, stump removal, and emergency tree service Syracuse. Syracuse Tree Service Experts is loved for its ability to respond to client requests quickly. The company responds to emergency tree service requests immediately and initiates the procedure within one hour regardless of whether it is at night all during the day. The company offers same-day services for non-risky procedures. Syracuse Tree Service Experts offices are located at 703 Van Rensselaer St, Syracuse, NY 13204, United States. To communicate with the company, call +1 315-333-7757 or send an email to ###For more information about Syracuse Tree Service Experts, contact the company here:Syracuse Tree Service ExpertsLaney Cassandra315-333-7757sales@treeservicesyracuse.net703 Van Rensselaer StSyracuse, NY13204ReleaseID: 60046222

Sep 15, 2021

YOU CAN TRUST——Trusted private customer service business makes it easy for customers’ sharing

With the ever-changing COVID-19 situation we’re experiencing, words like unprecedented and uncertainty are cropping up more frequently in what we read, hear and talk about. A sense of being unprepared is something many people are likely to be feeling currently. Business Development for Private Client Services at You Can Trust, explains how to broach the subject of estate planning with advice clients that may be experiencing high levels of anxiety about their health, family and future.   The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis for both public health and the economy. It’s a double whammy for clients, who have ample cause for concern about wealth and well-being, both for themselves and those they wish to protect. Having estate planning documents in order should be a high priority to all clients but particularly those over age 60 or with underlying respiratory and heart conditions or diabetes.   However, acknowledging our greatest fears of the future can be hard, even when we all have reason to feel afraid. One of the best ways to feel less anxious is to take back control where we can. A conversation about estate planning can help clients do this by reminding them that what happens to their wealth in the event of their death or loss of capacity is still within their control.   To get things started, you can talk to clients about the peace of mind that comes with taking positive action for people they care about. Then you can move on to these ten talking points to guide your client through their options and the next steps involved: 1.Has their Will been drawn up by a lawyer? If not, speak with your client about problems that often come with DIY Wills. Common pitfalls include ambiguous language and incorrect execution – not having the Will signed and witnessed in accordance with the strict legal requirements. Issues like these can invalidate the document altogether.   2.Have there been significant changes in the family? Births, deaths, marriages, divorces or alternatively changes to asset ownership could result in the need to amend or update their Will.   3.Is their executor up to the task and prepared to take on this important role? If two or more executors are involved, could this lead to conflict or issues with carrying out instructions in their Will? Ask them to consider having a contingency in place in case their executor should die before they do or is unable or unwilling to act.   4.Have they appointed guardians for minor children? If so, are the guardians aware of their potential role and will the estate provide the means for guardians to provide for the children?   5.Does their Will include clauses to protect vulnerable beneficiaries? Trust structures such as testamentary trusts can be used to protect vulnerable beneficiaries such as those with an intellectual disability or an addiction, or alternatively be used to minimise the prospect of assets being lost to future events such as bankruptcy or divorce.   6.Have they made their beneficiary nominations for superannuation and insurance policies? As your client’s super death benefit will not automatically be paid to their estate, it’s important to help your client look at options and make arrangements with their super fund and insurance provider.   7.Is your client a director or trustee of any companies or trusts? As with super and insurance, assets in company or trust structures don’t automatically get distributed in accordance with their Will. These assets should be considered and included as part of the overall estate planning strategy.   8.Has their estate plan been structured in a tax-effective way? Testamentary trusts may need to be considered as part of a tax-effective strategy for a client’s Will.   9.Do they have an enduring power of attorney in place? If they are incapacitated due to the symptoms of coronavirus or any other health event, the person (or people) appointed as their power of attorney is authorised to handle their legal and financial affairs.   10.Do they have an enduring power of guardianship or advance care directive in place? Unfortunately, family members across the world are finding themselves unable to answer critical questions about healthcare treatments for loved ones due to strict isolation protocols for COVID-19 patients. An advance care directive explains your preferences for treatment of an attending medical team if you should be incapacitated. This is even more important now that medical facilities and equipment supplies are under pressure from the severe impact of this global pandemic.   You can also suggest to your clients that they share with family and beneficiaries select details and contacts of their estate plan. This can make it easier for their power of attorney and/or executor to act swiftly if your client is unable to manage their affairs due to illness or in the event of their death.   We’re here to help At You Can Trust, we’re here to support you by providing quality advice and services to your clients for all their estate planning needs. As people across the country self-isolate or enact social distance protocols to curb the spread of coronavirus, we are still here to serve your business and clients using suitable technologies to enable a new way of working.   We continue to provide your clients with a comprehensive and personalised estate planning solution, bringing them peace of mind at a challenging time.

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