Nov 28, 2020

Reduce Hunger Pangs Sugar Cravings Practical Weight Management Guide Launched

A new online guide has been launched covering 19 practical tips and advice on how to control hunger pangs. It’s ideally suited to readers looking to lose weight and improve their health.

Nov 28, 2020

Digital Productivity Tool Video Guide For Increased Business Revenue Launched

Stunning Clever, a leading supplier of productivity and organization guides, has launched a new video guide aimed at business and individuals who want to increase profitability through Evernote.

Nov 28, 2020

A City Girls Thanksgiving

MIAMI - November 28, 2020 - ( Inspire Agency in collaboration with Out Da Gate Entertainment booked the first official 2020 City Girl show at Gilt Nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  This nostalgic moment comes on the hills of JT's release from prison.  Audiences have long awaited the return of the superstar duo. The Miami Natives took the music scene by storm after their explosive debut on Drakes "In My Feelings."  No stranger to the City Girls, Inspire Agency has booked and hosted over five shows with Caresha while JT was incarcerated.  Born into music royalty, founder of Inspire Agency, Cree has dedicated herself to making her mark in the music industry. Following in the footsteps of father Uncle Luke and Stepfather Ted Lucas, Cree aspires to make an impact with Inspire Agency.  "My wildest dream is to be remembered for the influence that I will have on music and entertainment - especially as a woman of color. I'm thankful to be able to curate unforgettable experiences with my company," said Cree. Inspire Agency is a premier branding and event management company. From Blu to Backwoods, they are known for their activations.  Be sure to stay up to date with Cree and everything Inspire Agency via Instagram @inspireagencymp.  For Press/Media Contact: Press Release Service by Original Source: A City Girls Thanksgiving

Nov 28, 2020

Ellis County TX Metal Roof Installation And Repair Affordable Service Launched

A newly expanded metal roof repair and installation service has been launched for Ellis County customers. The team at Daughters Roofing prides itself on high quality service.

Nov 27, 2020

Alibaba Printing Shares Their Success Story in Setting the Face Mask Keeper Singapore as an Innovative Health Trend Today

Alibaba Printing, one of the most established printing companies in Singapore is yet to share another success story in this continuing battle during the pandemic with their face mask keeper production.

Nov 27, 2020

The Woodlands TX Home Swimming Pool Maintenance Cleaning Repair Service Launched

A pool renovation company has launched a range of essential yet affordable home swimming pool maintenance, cleaning, and repair services aimed at homeowners in The Woodlands area of Texas.

Nov 27, 2020

Cash Home Buyers Atlanta: Sell Your House Fast For Cash During Probate

November 28, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Cash Home Buyers Atlanta, a Georgia home buyer, would like to reach out to homeowners who may be looking to sell their homes, especially those looking to sell during probate. The company pays cash for every home they purchase, and they offer a faster, more efficient way to sell one’s property. Cash Home Buyers Atlanta also strives to make the probate process go smoothly and offers clients advice that can be very helpful. Learn more at the following link: Sell House For Cash. The first step when looking to sell a piece of property is to get some professional advice. It favors the homeowner to know what status their house is in when trying to sell, and it is their responsibility to verify their ownership of the house. Real estate attorneys and other experts can offer useful information that can help them make more informed decisions. The next step is to begin the probate process. Before one can sell their house, it must go through a probate. Most countries allow for a summary probate, which is just a simple process that takes a very short time and involves less legal processes. Once the house passes the probate process, it can then be put on the market. Atlanta homeowners who feel they are ready to sell their homes can inform the executor to petition the court in order to get the ‘go-ahead’ and proceed with the sale from there. For instance, problems may arise when siblings are made to share a single piece of property, especially if they have very different views regarding what to do with the house. One may want to sell the house while the others may want to keep it, resulting in any number of issues. When this happens, it is usually best to involve an estate lawyer. The house selling process can be significantly simplified by simply selling to a company like Cash Home Buyers, Atlanta. “Selling a house can be stressful,” says the Atlanta cash home buyer. “We’re here to take that stress away, make it a fast and fair experience, and give you the peace of mind you’re looking for but can’t fully enjoy until that pesky house payment is off your back. If you are in foreclosure, going through a divorce, relocating, and can’t sell your house, own a vacant house you don’t want to deal with anymore, or are a landlord tired of dealing with tenants and more, you should be aware that we can help.” The company is also known for assisting those who inherited a house they no longer wish to own or deal with, have lost their jobs and cannot afford payments anymore (or afford to pay a real estate agent their fees to sell it), and more. They urge the members of their community to reach out if they want to sell their homes for any reason. Cash Home Buyers will likely be able to provide a solution. In Atlanta, Cash Home Buyers is one of the most respected house buying services. The company’s professional home buying team is highly experienced and has been built from the ground up with a single goal: to help homeowners sell their houses fast with no hassle, no games, no fees, and with transparency and integrity from start to finish. The company buys houses across the US with a focus on Atlanta and the surrounding areas. This means Cash Home Buyers Atlanta can help homeowners sell their house fast no matter where in or around Atlanta the property is located. A number of well-known publications have positively reviewed the company. Forbes states: “Quite often, investors are willing to pay cash for a home, and with the recent tightening of financial restrictions, coupled with the growing number of complaints about low appraisals, having a cash buyer has become even more appealing.” Ad Council also comments: “Nearly 4 million Americans are more than 60 days behind on their mortgage, and countless others are only a paycheck away from missing a mortgage payment. You’re not alone.” Fortunately, the company specializes in giving homeowners a way to deal with such problems. Please find out more about the Atlanta home buyer at the following link: We Buy Houses. Additional information can be found on their website and other online resources as well. ###For more information about Cash Home Buyers Atlanta, contact the company here:Cash Home Buyers AtlantaFitz Thompson7707695295sold@cashhomebuyersAtlanta.comCash Home Buyers Atlanta2330 Scenic Highway S Ste 501Snellville, GA 30078ReleaseID: 60039092

Nov 27, 2020

Text Bot Ai Changes The Face of Direct Sales & Lead Generation promises that its Artificial Intelligence Text Bot will change Direct Sales & Lead Generation. Our presentation can be seen at

Nov 27, 2020

Solo LaMaze Pays An Emotional Homage To Louisville In New Single ‘Ain’t Normal’

Solo LaMaze encapsulates the spirit of revolution and Black solidarity in his new single ‘Ain’t Normal.’ With visuals ripped from the recent headlines, the song and the accompanying music video reckons with racial politics in the U.S., the consequences of which have left the most marginalized folks more furious than ever before. LaMaze combines the … Continue reading "Solo LaMaze Pays An Emotional Homage To Louisville In New Single ‘Ain’t Normal’"

Nov 27, 2020

Cyber Monday Deal From CAROL, an AI-Powered Exercise Bike That Helps Get Users Fit in 9 Minutes a Day in 8 Weeks

CAROL announces $500 discount promotion active throughout Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday, with bonus offer free annual subscription and chest belt NEW YORK - November 28, 2020 - ( CAROL announces $500 off its AI-powered, HIIT exercise bike scientifically shown to help users get fit in under 9 minutes a day. The Cyber Monday deal (coupon code CM700) is available at In addition to the discount, the company is also offering a free one-year subscription and a chest belt as an added bonus. CAROL (usual price $2,995 - now $2,495 with coupon code CM700), is pushing the boundaries of everything we know about exercise and is scientifically shown to give results in the shortest amount of time possible. A session on CAROL delivers a more effective and better workout than regular cardio. Every session on CAROL is personalized and two 20 second sprints mean that 3 rides a week on CAROL (as part of a full 8-minute 40-second session that includes an effortless warm up and warm down) will help users get fit and slim in just 8 weeks. The tech in a CAROL bike is ahead of other exercise bikes, making regular workout regimes redundant. This is the first truly personalized, time-saving, life-changing workout that is comparable to being in the lab with a scientist calibrating every second of the exercise regime to get maximum results. In a randomized, independently funded trial the prestigious American Council of Exercise scientifically found that a short workout on CAROL with only 2 x 20 seconds of hard work makes obsolete regular US government exercise guidelines of 5 x 30 minutes sessions a week: "CAROL outperformed Government Guidelines on every measurement. 32 participants were allocated into two groups in a randomized controlled trial over eight weeks. One group exercised with CAROL three days per week, while the other group exercised 30 minutes for five days per week in line with Government Guidelines. CAROL's glycogen depletion workouts are so effective and efficient that the group exercising with CAROL got double the gains in a fraction of the time." Regular use of CAROL doubles fitness gains and improves many key health markers. CAROL is a game-changer for the time-poor, the exercise haters, biohackers and the early adopters. Working out on CAROL means users no longer need to spend hours in the gym or have grueling sessions with personal trainers and the great news is there is $500 off using the code CM700.  Cyber Monday deal - $500 off CAROL normal price $2995 for Cyber Monday with bonus free annual subscription (worth $144) and chest belt (worth $59), using code CM700. Black Friday deal on until Sunday 29th November. Get a free 3-year subscription (worth $432), free delivery (worth $195), and a free chest belt (worth $59) with code BF700. For further press information, please contact:  Related Linkshttps://www.carolfitai.comRelated FilesCarol_1_No_Shadow (1).pngCarol_2_No_Shadow.png Press Release Service by Original Source: Cyber Monday Deal From CAROL, an AI-Powered Exercise Bike That Helps Get Users Fit in 9 Minutes a Day in 8 Weeks

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