Bacula Systems and Advanced HPC Announce Partnership to Enhance Data Backup and Recovery for High Performance Computing Environments

Mar 1, 2021

New partnership benefits HPC clients with high-functionality backup and restore of large and diverse IT environments from a single backup and recovery platform.

WILMINGTON, Del. - March 2, 2021 - (

Bacula Systems and Advanced HPC, Inc. today announced they have formed a strategic alliance that allows customers in the Enterprise, Life Sciences, Higher Education, Defense and Federal Government verticals to significantly improve protection of their organizations' data. Bacula's highly customizable and scalable data backup and recovery software coupled with Advanced HPC's supercomputing knowledge enables de-risking implementations for customers, faster recovery times, protecting from ransomware, and significantly lowering costs. Bacula Enterprise software can support diverse and complex IT installations because of its especially large extent of integration modules that cater to different hardware, multiple hypervisor-types and disparate databases. Bacula is also the first broad backup solution to seamlessly integrate with and backup container technology such as Docker, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.

"Bacula Systems is pleased to be providing advanced backup and recovery technology to the industry in cooperation with Advanced HPC," said Frank Barker, CEO of Bacula Systems. "Advanced HPC's ability to deliver exceptionally powerful HPC solutions with Bacula's advanced backup and recovery software means organizations can benefit from and protect modern, high-value hybrid HPC, storage, cloud and AI solutions at lower cost than ever before. Some of Bacula's specialized HPC features are advanced deduplication technology, state-of-the-art tape and Cloud features, and a scalability that goes into the exabytes," he added.

"Advanced HPC's proficiency in high-performance computing combined with Bacula's modern backup solution directly answers the current need in the HPC industry to operate more efficiently with increased security levels, said Toni Falcone, President of Advanced
HPC. "Our customers are already benefitting from this partnership as we ensure delivery of best in class solutions, with a level of customer support that is unique in the industry," she added.

"Bacula is specially designed to provide advanced capabilities for specialist HPC users, such as rapid restore of huge data sets, advanced security capabilities and lowering costs. Typical applications of HPC such as quantum mechanics, weather forecasting, climate research, oil and gas exploration, and molecular modeling tend to especially benefit from Bacula customizability and its ability to process large volumes of data at higher speeds," said Aristide Carracio, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Bacula Systems.

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